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Rumble is a game mode in rocket league. It allows special powers and different rumble modes.

Power-ups[edit | edit source]

Power-up are special powers that make the game more fun.

Boot[edit | edit source]

Once a player/bot comes in range, it will mark it with a red square, then you can activate your boot. It will send whoever you targeted flying away from you.

Boxing Glove[edit | edit source]

Acts like boot, except it targets the ball.

Tornado[edit | edit source]

Sucks in nearby players that are not on your team, and pulls the ball above you.

Anchor[edit | edit source]

Targets ball. When activated, if the anchor is not going through a tornado, then it will pull you towards the ball, even if the ball gets moved. Eventually you will hit the ball.

Suction Cup[edit | edit source]

Targets ball. When activated, it will pull the ball towards you. If you move, then it will pull the ball toward you still.