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Seismic White is a youtube content creator from the US who has focused his work on games such as Rocket League, League of Legends, and other eSports.

Video and Streaming[edit | edit source]

Rocket League Playlist

-Lachinio (Rocket League Montage: Lachinio)
-Kronovi (Rocket League Montage: Kronovi)
-Cosmic Aftershock v. Flipsid3 (MLG International)
-Galaxy Baconbitz, Kyle, Frecky, Usedwolf, Gibbs, and Haku (Rocket League Bowling)
-Cosmic Aftershock (Rocket League Montage: Cosmic Aftershock)
-Stoney (Rocket League Montage: Stoney)
-Bowsarr, Sykes (Rocket League Montage: Up Up and Away!)

League of Legends Playlist

-League of Legends: ACD Focus


-He often streams his production process at
-He always wears a black or white bandanna, on and off stream, and utilizes a black and white camera setting as a result of his name.
-On stream he has been known to tell numerous stories of his life, after chat begins to post !storytime

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Additional Info[edit | edit source]

-He co-hosts the 'Nice Shpt!' Podcast alongside Chewy from Rocket League Academy.
-His youtube channel won the subreddit channel of the month in September in the Official Rocket League subreddit.